Preserving the Bond ...

Preserving the Bond During COVID 19 in Child Welfare Cases

The Washington Defender Association’s Incarcerated Parents Project (IPP) hosted a one and a half (1.5) hour webinar on May 8, 2020 designed, in collaboration with the Washington State Office of Public Defense Parents Representation Program (“OPD PRP”), to address immediate and long-term impacts upon fundamental parenting rights and familial relationships posed by the COVID 19 pandemic response. This training is for trial and appellate attorneys providing legal representation to parents and/or children in child welfare proceedings in the Washington State juvenile and appellate courts.   The following materials were collated to support the webinar and the ongoing legal advocacy on this topic.

Family Defense Webinar: Preserving the Bond, Preserving the Record


Webinar-specific materials:

Visitation Hypos


Selected Governor Proclamation & Relevant Supreme Court orders:

Most recent Supreme Court order regarding Dependency & TPR cases                          • Proclamation 20-33
• Proclamation 20-33.2                                                                                                                  • Directive 20-02


Sample Legal Briefing:

Sample Parents Motion to Compel Visits 4.15.20

Sample Proposed Order on  Visitation re COVID (L.A., California)

Expert Letter In Support of Visitation (Rose Wentz)

Example Motion for Reconsideration:

King Co. DPD Motion for Reconsideration of Emergency Order No. 16 Re Dependency Matters



Other Legal Resources:

Children’s Bureau Guidance Letter (Federal DHHS)

Safety Guidelines for Childcare Providers (WA DCYF)

Before you file Appeal-PRP (Division 1)

Before you file Appeal-PRP (Divisions 2 or 3)

Before you file a Notice for Discretionary Review-PRP