Defender Well-Being

Resources for Sustaining Well-Being

No amount of yoga or hiking will sustain public defenders.  Individual self-care is not enough.  Sustaining well-being must be baked into the work and accepted as a priority from the top down. Just as individuals must take care of themselves and practice good health habits, organizations and systems must be healthy and supportive to thrive.

The ABA notes that maintaining well-being is part of the ethical duty of competence (RPC 1.1).  Defender well-being is also an access to justice issue- we have to be healthy to provide high quality and zealous representation to our clients.

NAPD Ten Principles for Creating Sustainability in Public Defense

The Path to Lawyer Well Being, ABA/National Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being (2017)

Tiny Survival Guide, Trauma Stewardship Institute

Map for Managing One’s Day, Trauma Stewardship Institute

Gratitude Log, Trauma Stewardship Institute

When Experiencing Overwhelm and Trauma, Trauma Stewardship Institute

BWW Invitation and Schedule October to December 2021, Be Well Wednesdays, an NAPD weekly and ongoing virtual event for public defenders

Where to Turn for Support: Resources and Support for Occupational Stress and Secondary Trauma in Public Defense