Release Pending Appe...

Release Pending Appeal

The following resources are materials prepared in support of Washington State Office of Public Defense’s Appellate Defender training on 4/23/2020 designed to assist appellate defenders in seeking release for vulnerable people during the COVID 19 pandemic while their appeal is pending.


NLG-Seattle, WDA, & WACDL Amici Curiae Brief in Colvin v. Inslee 

NLG-Seattle, WDA, WACDL Notice of errata


Redacted briefing

Dr. Williams-Affidavit-Signed        Link to her academic resource page


Fox-Motion for Release

Fox-Motion to Set Appeal Bond


Links to RCWs supporting motions for release pending appeal:   RCW 9.95.062  &   RCW 9.94A.585 (3)

Links to RCW with requirements for valid release of healthcare information:  RCW 70.02.030 (3)


Wolfe-Example #1 Superior Court motion

Wolfe-Example #2 Superior Court motion

Wolfe-Example #3 Court of Appeals Motion

Wolfe-Example #4 Court of Appeals Motion


Memorandum of Law Regarding Compassionate Release

Rampersad-Research Memorandum Re Compassionate Release


These links are recommended for those attending the 4/23/20 OPD webinar: