Case Law Updates March 26- April 20, 2018

Death Penalty(multiple issues)- St v. Schierman; Mandatory Reporting Duty – St v. James-Buhl; Juvenile Sentencing – St v. Bacon; Search Warrant/Particularity/Cell Phone – St v. McKee; Fail to Register – St v. Tash; LFOs/Mandatory- St v. Tash; Bail Jump – St v. Anderson; Defense Discovery/Confidences – St v. Rogers; Forgery/Sufficiency – St v. Bradshaw; Sentencing/DV Tag – St v. Shelley; Public Trial – St v. Karas; Self Defense/Duty to Retreat – In re Harvey; Instruction/Justifiable Homicide – St v. Boisselle; Search/Community Caretaking Exception – St v. Boisselle; CrR 8.3b/Attorney Client Confidentiality – St v. Irby;