In re Dependency of E.H. and S.K.P. – Washington Supreme Court

Court: Washington Supreme Court
Case No.: 94798-8 and 94798-1
Hearing Date: March 20, 2018

Case Description:
The Supreme Court of Washington granted motions for discretionary review in  In Re Dependency of EH (Division One) and In Re Dependency of SKP (Division Two) and consolidated the cases to decide dependent children should categorically receive counsel at public expense at every stage of  dependency proceedings.

Amicus Description:
WDA-IPP amicus outlines how categorical appointment of legal counsel for all children better protects their due process rights in Washington’s dependency system since certain legal and wellbeing outcomes for children differ substantially by race of the child and how incarcerated parents are disadvantaged in particular from advocating for their children’s legal interests during the course of the dependency proceedings.

No opinion available yet.

To view WDA Amicus and other information in this case visit the briefs page of the Washington Supreme Court website and search for Case Number 947988-8 and 947988-1.