In Re PRP Endy Domingo-Cornelio – Washington Supreme Court Accepted Review 11.05.19

Court: Washington Supreme Court
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Case Description:
The State prosecuted Endy Domingo-Cornelio as an adult for several sex offenses that occurred when he was a youth between 14-16 years old. At sentencing, the adult trial court did not take into account that Mr. Domingo-Cornelio was a juvenile at the time of his crimes nor did it consider any of the Miller factors. The court imposed the low end of the standard range. Following his direct appeal, Mr. Domingo-Cornelio filed a timely PRP arguing that the law of juvenile sentencing had significantly changed and that the court should reverse his sentence and grant a new sentencing hearing. Mr. Domingo-Cornelio argues State v. Houston-Sconiers is a substantive change in the law that should be applied retroactively.

Amicus Description:
In this Amicus Brief, WDA WACDL, and the Korematsu Center argue that the court should hold that State v. Houston-Sconiers is a significant, material change in the law that applies retroactively to cases on collateral review. Download the Amicus Brief below.