In re PRP Martin A. Jones – Division II

Court: Washington Court of Appeals: Division II
Case No.: 
Hearing Date: 
October 19, 2018

Case Description:
Martin Jones received a determinate sentence of 50 years on one count of Attempted Murder in the first degree in 2011. Div. II reversed his conviction in June 2013, then the WA Supremes granted review and reinstated the conviction. There is newly discovered evidence of innocence. Specifically that the victim, a police officer, was shot by Nicolas Boer. The officer falsely identified Jones to conceal his own corruption. The petition also identifies other exculpatory evidence that the state withheld and the issue of the forensic Bunter Mark that is no longer acceptable science.

Amicus Description:
This joint amicus with the Innocence Project Northwest highlights the new evidence and discredits the science related to the Bunter Mark evidence and the subsequent misleading of the jury through unscientific testimony and potential for cognitive bias.

No opinion available as of yet.