Jones v. Mississippi – SCOTUS

Court: Supreme Court of the United States
Case No.: 18-1259
Hearing Date: 

Case Description: Brett Jones had recently turned 15 in 2004 when his grandfather discovered his girlfriend in his room. The two men argued and fought, and the youth, who had been making a sandwich, stabbed his grandfather eight times, killing him.

Amicus Description: Trial courts must find that a youth is permanently incorrigible before sentencing the youth to LWOP.  The Eighth Amendment bans LWOP for youth, except in rare cases.  Requiring trial courts to make a finding of permanent incorrigibility will ensure that these sentences are rare and will uphold the mandate of Miller v. Alabama and Louisiana v. Montgomery.  Capacity for rehabilitation is incompatible with permanent incorrigibility.  Requiring a sentencing court to make this finding will help root out racial bias in sentencing and ensure meaningful appellate review.