Sanchez-Miranda v. Barr

Court: Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Case No.:
17-73065, 18-71743
Hearing Date: 

Case Description:
Mr. Sanchez-Miranda is a 49-year-old long-time resident of the United States with six U.S. citizen children. He was deported in 1992 based on a single 1991 conviction that was vacated by the Superior Court of Washington for King County on constitutional grounds in 2017. He returned shortly after his deportation and has resided in the US since. He was again apprehended by immigration authorities in 2016, wherein ICE attempted to re-instate his removal order.

After the vacation of his 1992 conviction, Mr. Sanchez-Miranda requested the Board of Immigration Appeals to re-open his original deportation proceedings so that he could pursue the lawful immigration status that he was eligible for and that would permit him to remain with his family in the US. The BIA denied this request. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit upheld the denial. Sanchez-Miranda seeks rehearing en banc from the 9th circuit.

Amicus Description:
Given the strong arguments that the panel erroneously upheld the BIA decision and the significant impact on similarly situated noncitizens, WDA has joined our amici partners at the American Immigration Counsel and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in support of Mr. Sanchez-Miranda’s re-hearing petition.