State v. Meredith

Court: Supreme Court of Washington
Case No.: 100135-5
Hearing Date: 

Case Description: Mr. Meredith was riding a public bus when two police officers began asking passengers for proof they had paid bus fare. Mr. Meredith did not show proof of payment when asked, and an officer required that Mr. Meredith leave the bus with him. Following their interaction, Mr. Meredith was charged with a crime. Division I of the Court of Appeals held that if the officer had seized Mr. Meredith when he asked for proof of payment, Mr. Meredith had consented to the seizure when he chose to ride the bus. State v. Meredith, ___ Wn.App.2d ____, 492 P.3d 198 (2021). Mr. Meredith petitioned the Supreme Court of Washington for Review.

Amicus Description: WDA submitted an amicus brief in support of Mr. Meredith’s petition for review. The brief argues that Mr. Meredith did not validly consent to a seizure because any agreement between him and the government entity operating the bus violated the doctrine of unconstitutional conditions. The doctrine of unconstitutional conditions prohibits the State from making an agreement that requires an individual to relinquish a constitutional right in exchange for getting a discretionary benefit from the State.