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Standards of Indigent Defense Services

Washington Supreme Court Standards for Indigent Defense Services

Final 2007 WDA Standards with Commentary

Washington Supreme Court Standards adopted and going into effect October 1, 2013

Here is the link to the RCW 

Chronological History of Performance Standard Drafts and Amendments

OPD's Report to the Washington Supreme Court on the Implementation of Standards for Indigent Defense (3.15.13)

February 2011 Performance Guidelines

Standards Final 2.25.11

Amendments to the WSBA Standards for Indigent Defense Services and Adoption of Performance Guidelines

Certificate Draft Options

CPD Resolution Regarding Standards for Recommendation to the Washington Supreme Court for CrR. 3.1 Certification 

Standards (Redlined to show changes)   

Frequently Asked Questions About the Standards   

4.11 Case Outcomes Table  

4.11 Court Survey Comments RE: Standards   

Caseload Standards 4.12.11  

OPD Pilot Program Outcomes  

US DOJ Report   

Draft Proposal for Misdemeanor Standards  

New Recommendations, 5.25.11   

Resolution- CPD     

7/13 Order Suspending Rule Amendments  

7/13 Order Publishing Proposed Standards  

Draft Amendment to Standard 3 (8.25.11)   

Draft Amendment to Standard 14    

Amendments to Standard 3 Approved by CPD 9-7-11

The WSBA Council on Public Defense (CPD) considered final draft proposals relating to the implementation of CrR3.1, CrRLJ 3.1, and JuCR 9.2 on August 28, 2011 including the recommendation for Standard 3 relating to the misdemeanor caseload number.  However, due to concerns raised by municipal representatives at the meeting, a vote on the proposals was postponed until September 7 to allow an opportunity for further input and refinement.  In response to various suggestions, the CPD subcommittee redrafted Standard 3 relating to caseload with a special focus on providing greater clarity and flexibility in the determination of caseloads in misdemeanor cases.  No additional input was received for the death penalty qualification standard and the certification language. 

The CPD passed the three proposals on September 7, 2011.  They are being forwarded to the WSBA Board of Governors (BOG) with a recommendation for adoption at its September 22, 2011 meeting.  If the BOG adopts the proposals, they will be forwarded on to the Washington Supreme Court for consideration in its finalization of the court rule.  We assume the court will put the proposals out for comment in their usual manner. 

The passage of these proposals completes the work requested of the CPD by the BOG and the Washington Supreme Court related to CrR 3.1. 



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