2023 Defender Conference Materials

Below are the supplementary materials for the WDA’s 2023 Defender Conference. More materials will be added as we approach the conference, so check back for additional documents. PowerPoint presentations will be added after the conference. To reference a full schedule, click here.

Friday, April 28th

Court Rules and Legislative Updates. Presented by WDA Staff.

Court Rules PowerPoint.

Raising Race: Zamora and More. Presented by Lila Silverstein, Washington Appellate Project.

Raising Race PowerPoint

Raising Race – Motion for Zamora Hearing

Raising Race – One Page Handout with Links

Sixth Amendment Challenges to Venire. Presented by Barbara Harris & Geoff Hulsey, Washington State Office of Public Defense.

Venire PowerPoint.

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Saturday, April 29th

Reexamining ER 609. Presented by Monica Milton, NACDL, Julie Simon-Kerr, UConn / NACDL, and Anna Roberts, Brooklyn Law / NACDL

609 PowerPoint

Gates Brief ER 609

Draft report by Anna Roberts & Julia Simon-Kerr, in conjunction with NACDL, on prior conviction impeachment

Effective Research Tips, Tricks, and More. Presented by Rob Mead, Washington State Law Library.

Effective Research PowerPoint

Empowering Public Defense- Standards, Caseloads, and Independence. Presented by Bob Boruchowitz, Seattle University and Kathy Kyle, Snohomish County Public Defender.

Standards PowerPoint

2023 report back about public defense interference survey

Investigator 101. Presented by Dave Mathews, Thurston County Public Defense.

Investigator PowerPoint

Across the Aisle-Perspective from State to Public Defense. Presented by Angela Avery, Avery Law & Sheri Oertel, Washington Defender Association.

Standards PowerPoint

Discovery Demand

Order Dismissing With Prejudice For Discovery Violations

Jeopardy Notes

Effective Right to Counsel. David Donnan, Meryhew Law Group

Right to Counsel PowerPoint

Effective Right to Counsel

Closing Keynote. Presented by Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud

DOJ “Dear Colleague” Letter