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Keeping Parents in Community While Serving Their Sentence

Washington State’s Department Of Corrections (DOC) have different programs that allow parents to serve some portion of the end of their sentence in community. Here are some of those programs that may be helpful to parents:



All incarcerated persons can be referred to work release 12 months prior to their earned release date. An incarcerated person with six months left to serve on his/her sentence may be eligible to spend those last months in a work release facility, if specific criteria are met.  For more information about DOC Work Release programs, please visit their website here.



Eligible incarcerated parents may serve up to the last 12 months of their sentence on home detention in an intensively managed parenting program.  For more information about how the Community Parenting Alternative works, please visit the website here.



Eligible incarcerated persons may serve up to last 6 months of DOC prions sentence on home detention under newly authorized program called Graduated Reentry.   More information about this program will be posted as it becomes available.